EcoGourmet | Fondo Acción


Implementation time

2011 – 2016


EcoGourmet is an innovative program, designed and funded within the framework of the strategic alliance between Colombia Conservation International (CI) and Fondo Acción. It seeks to establish a new relationship between community suppliers of fishery products, restaurants and consumers. EcoGourmet enhances the technical and administrative capacities of associations of small-scale fishermen and supports their objectives to achieve responsible fishing; facilitates the signing of fair agreements between suppliers, organizations of fishermen and restaurants; and sensitizes consumers on their purchasing decision making them more accountable and conscious.



To finance projects which adopt a model of sustainable and equitable businesses in the value chain of artisanal fisheries.
Encourage the implementation of good practices in fishing, manufacturing, storage and marketing of fishery products by artisanal fishing communities in the Colombian coast.
Sensitize customers of the associated Eco-gourmet restaurants on the importance of fisheries and responsible consumption.
Nombre del programa

Atlantic and Pacific Coasts.